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[16 Mar 2003|11:27pm]

dear a and d:

my throat is beyond hurting. sure, the medicine can put me out for a whole day, but it's doing nothing for the actual pain. which is why i now think that doctors are bitches. i get to miss school tomorrow, at least. but i'd rather be well and go to school than be sick and stay home.

i dont know how my man is monopolizing me, either. but i do know that taking the defensive side isnt always the best idea. i do realize that people are standing by waiting for this to fall apart, and i do realize that it doesnt really matter. but it kinda hurts to see something like that actually written out, you know. so dont worry about being all defensive for me, because if he was doing me wrong i'd be able to see it coming a mile away.

in other stuff, these playtex heat therapy pad things are really amazing. like whoa. i've had one on since six this morning and it's still hot. i still have no idea how it works. i've got to talk to you too, more.

love, n.
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little debby, little debby.. owwee! [13 Mar 2003|12:43am]

dear damine:

i know you like it when i'm on top. don't even try to front.

i'm still coughing like a goddamn bitch. nothing is really helping, but at least my fever is no longer at 102 degrees. javad and i hung out all day, pretty much doing squat except for fixing the vacum, which was about 300 times easier this time than it was last time.

i have to go to school tomorrow. what is tomorrow, thursday? that means.. two study hours, foods and history. i can handle that. i hope. i need to get my regulators book from javad's house.

anyway, how is nikki's man monopolzing her? and what stupid thing did she do twice? i need to be around more. i miss my nikkikins. :(

retrograde party: hoda is selling like hotcakes.
battery skyline: ... i bet she is....!!!

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[11 Mar 2003|12:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

Dear You,

I miss you guys, and am sorry Cilla is sick. Nikki's man is monopolizing her, and I feel he should be verily stabbed in his face for this intrusion.

Mrs. Doves fine name has been sullied by Gumby association, now and forever.

xox, damien.

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comm cls n comm cls [06 Feb 2003|12:14am]

dear both of you;

poop on you both. sonic two is nearly impossible to beat, and i've still got two days until friday when i'm able to get my party on for three days. some holiday is on monday, but that doesn't matter to either of you.. goddamn mardi-gras-we-dont-have-school-kids.

the boy and i rented rose red today.. mostly because every time i think of it i think of the time me, eric, blanca (and probably others) all tried to watch it at the lsp .. started the thing at like.. 3pm and the shit didn't end until about 9:30pm. lol. and.. all the convient commerical breaks. ok, yeah, memories for lou and no one else.

damien, can my alias be 'agent'? just 'agent'? that would be fucking awesome.


by the way, these lyrics remind me of christmas.. Collapse )
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